scarlet incantation

raucous resplendence

of thermo-limnal

kabuki spear of
impromptu swag and burst

to an omniated indigo

to fall back, unsheathed,

…& have a waffle.

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have i ever had my heart broken?

have you ever had
a pebble in your shoe

you just can’t get out

that you have to walk on
every single day of your life?

here’s my heart
break away -

just don’t leave it whole
& irritated.


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i found i
much closer
than surrealized.


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ad vice soiree

hold fast
through night sweats;

the inky void
proves impotent against
fisted hagio;

at dawn
hand em oleo
with their cop porn
& peanuts;

waltz in the attic
to the rhythm
of arteries hardening
in the sunset.

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rib shot

turned on 
the TV the other day;
my muse
elbowed me in the ribs
though I didn’t
linger on the show 
of the teen mom of three kids
by three dads;
or the infomercial selling 
the nonstick pan guaranteed to
last a lifetime for $19.99;
or the Bayou family
whose men don’t shave, 
or the police show in the ‘inner city’
with the frenetic, 
docu-style camera work;
or the insurance commercial,
or the sports highlights,
or the E.D. pill ad…
or the… (click)
or the… (click)
or the… (click).
after my muse
slapped me on my head
this time
I thought maybe, just maybe
I should turn the TV off.

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i appreciate your attention. Thank you. peace.

i appreciate your attention. Thank you. peace.

where you fit in ( get in )

it’s precisely
where you should sit

peer pressure’s
pure pleasure
poised and perched

in perfect poetic


any tiny bit


                                                                                              وأنا ممتن
                                                                                                كلما أجد
                                                                                             أي شخص
                                                                                            تعاني الحب
                                                                                           في أي مكان.

                                                                                              لقد وجدت
                                                                                             التي أضفت
                                                                                           صغيرة قليلا،
                                                                                   أنا المباركة مضاعفة.


Estoy agradecido

cada vez que me encuentro
experimentar el amor
en cualquier lugar.

Y cada vez que
He encontrado
que he añadido
cualquier poquito,
Estoy doblemente bendecidos.





I am grateful
whenever I find anyone
experiencing love

whenever I
have found
that I have added
any tiny bit,
- doubly blessed.



le buc


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little kingdoms

We rail with indignation against
the administrative powers that be:
local governments & society for
not being more inclusive & responsive to
the will of the people
they’re elected to serve;

oblivious to the voices
we disdain, diminish and deny in
the little kingdoms
we erect, maintain and fortify
in the groups of friends,
acquaintenances and family
of our own.


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mr. fluff

shame on the world;

cause it persuades women
to waste an awful amount of energy
wondering if you’re beautiful enough - goading you
into trying to so be;

as it goads us guys into wasting a hella lot of energy
trying to prove how baaad we are.

therefore, just christen me Sir Mellow of the Marsh
of pantied waist,
Mr. Fluff, you could also say,

with that settled, now -
i’ve got energy to burn.

so, whoever raises their hand, 
tries to roast me over hot coals,
squeeze me between graham crackers
& cradle me with chocolate,
will get knocked the (bleep) out.

just sayin’.

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thanks, editors

…for the poetry feature - and to you who read the poem, as well.

P & L to you all.

mort(y baby)

been better
felt worse

drank water
slaked thirst

didn’t think
spoke first

sneered atya
yelled curse

you laughed
threw purse

bad ending


cried hard
wrote verse

looked heartward
called hearse.

caravaggio’s eyes

dreams can be terrifying,
not in the 
“ooooh! i’m being chased by a monster” kind of way,
but in the 
“strange enough so you know it’s not real”
kind of way…
my dreams have this effect,
like caravaggio’s paintings
all extra-dark darks and vivid brights,
sharp details, HD outlines,
taunting me
flying over a body of water, like superman, 
looking down seeing dark, ominous shadows
under the emerald-green depths 
with sharks, stingrays, and who knows what else -
pretty scary

i’m not a swimmer, so there’s that  
and it always feels like 
my flying powers could vanish,
at any moment -

then i’m freefalling
from some ungodly height
into the depths i dreaded flying over
toward a clearly defined, razor-sharp,
heart exploding doom…

right before i wak

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"Gabo! Gabo! Gabo!…"

— Columbian train station today &
Literature lovers everywhere

on paper

you were a fair, poetic soul
unlike me, random and frayed
prosaic and splayed

you breathed metered breaths,
sighed in sonnets
casting my soul finely
as rhyme and song

which totally worked -
on paper.